Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Specialist ChatGPT Cheat Sheet


DAX Syntax Revision

ChatGPT can aid users in revising the syntax and functions of DAX.


What's the syntax of

{{DAX function}}

Can you provide an example of

{{DAX function}}

Difference between

{{DAX function 1}}


{{DAX function 2}}

Explain the use of

{{DAX function}}

in Power BI?

Data Modeling Consultation

Offer advice on data modeling in Power BI.


Should I normalize my data before importing to Power BI?
What types of tables or relationships should I set up for

{{specific scenario}}

How to handle data granularity issues in Power BI?
Advantages of star schema in Power BI?

Power BI Troubleshooting

Assist in solving Power BI issues related to DAX expressions.


Why does

{{specific DAX expression}}

return an error in Power BI?
How can I optimize

{{specific DAX expression}}

for better performance?
How to fix circular dependency error in DAX?
I'm using

{{specific DAX function}}

and getting an unexpected result. What could be wrong?

Power BI Features Explanation

Explain various features and capacities of Power BI.


What is the role of Power Query in Power BI?
What is the purpose of a slicer in Power BI?
How does the Power BI data engine work?
The difference between Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium

DAX Query Construction

Guide users in writing and refining DAX expressions.


How to write a DAX expression to calculate

{{specific metric}}

How do I filter

{{specific measure}}

using DAX?
How to perform time series analysis in DAX?
What's the correct DAX syntax for a if-else conditional expression?

BI Best Practices

Guide users on best practices for business intelligence and Power BI reporting.


How can I ensure my Power BI reports are user-friendly?
What are some common data visualization mistakes in Power BI?
Best practices for creating a dashboard in Power BI?
How often should I refresh my data sources in Power BI?
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