Academic Preparation ChatGPT Cheat Sheet


Research Assistance

ChatGPT can be utilized in obtaining ideas, references, and summaries for any academic research topic.


Give me a summary of the latest research on


What are the key points in the research paper titled

{{paper title}}

What are some references about



Feedback Generation

ChatGPT can assist in generating feedback for student assessments.


Give me a positive feedback for a student who did well in

{{specific area}}

Compose a constructive feedback for a student struggling in


How can I encourage a student who has shown improvement in



Proofreading and Editing

ChatGPT can provide suggestions and corrections for academic writing.


How can I improve this sentence?


What's another word I can use instead of


Is this thesis statement strong?

{{thesis statement}}

Explaining Concepts

ChatGPT can be used to explain complex academic concepts in simpler terms.



{{complex concept}}

in simple terms
What does this

{{academic terminology}}

Help me understand the concept of

{{complex idea}}

Lesson Preparation

ChatGPT can assist in preparing course summaries, quizzes and possible questions.


Give me a summary of the course entitled

{{course title}}

Create a short quiz about

{{lesson topic}}

What are possible questions and answers for a lesson about



Data Interpretation

ChatGPT can provide assistance in interpreting research data and statistics.


Help me interpret the results of this data:


What are the statistical implications of

{{data point}}

Analyze this data set for me:

{{data set}}

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