AI Tools Specialist ChatGPT Cheat Sheet


Assisting with Bug Reporting

ChatGPT can be used to draft bug reports, by taking inputs like bug symptoms, severity, steps to reproduce, and expected behavior


I found a bug, here are the details: The symptoms are

{{bug symptoms}}

, severity is


, steps to reproduce are






, and the expected behavior is

{{expected behavior}}


Creating Meeting Summaries

ChatGPT can help create a summary or minutes of meetings from rough notes of AI tools discussions


Summarize the following meeting notes:

{{meeting notes}}


Providing AI Explanations

ChatGPT can explain AI-related principles, methodologies, or terms. Simply plug in your keyword and get an explanation.


Please explain what

{{AI terminology}}

How is

{{AI methodology}}

used in machine learning algorithms?

Drafting Email Responses

ChatGPT can help in drafting email responses related to AI tools updates, bordering on technical explanations


Draft a reply email to

{{client's name}}

explaining our new update on

{{AI tool name}}


Offering Code Reviews

ChatGPT can provide code reviews, by inserting specific language and code, it can provide insights on possible issues and improvements


What are the possible improvements of this

{{language name}}

Can you identify any issues in this piece of

{{programming code}}



ChatGPT can provide troubleshoot solutions for AI-tools related problems. By entering the problem details, you can get possible solutions


I am facing

{{specific error}}


{{AI tool name}}

. How can I solve it?
What are the possible solutions for

{{specific problem}}


{{AI tool name}}

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